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1 3/16″ X 1 /34″ Washer

20″ Manway Closure Pin Kit w/ Wing Nut Assembly

3″ O-Ring

3/4″ 10 NC 8 1/2″ GR. 8

3/4″ 10 NC X 2″ GR. 8

3/4″ Nutlock- 10 NC

3/8″- 16 X 1 1/2″ Bolt

3/8″ Lock Nut

3/8″ Washer

4″ Spring

Aluminum Press-In Grease Cap

Clevis Pin

Cotter Pin 1/8″

Front Uppermount Aluminum

Greasable Wing Nut

Grip Knob for Large Wing Nut Assembly (2 Knobs per Wing Nut)

Hinge Pin

Lower Mount Angle Iron Design

New Style Bolt

New Style Wing Nut

Nylon Washer

Rear Door Gasket 66″ Diameter Neoprene

Rear Door Gasket 72″ Diameter Neoprene

Rear Door Gasket 72″ Diameter Ntrile

Rear Door Gasket 78″ Diameter Neoprene

Rear Door Gasket 78″ Diameter Neoprene

Rubber Sill w/ Aluminum Backing 4′

Rubber Sill w/ Steel Backing 4′

Slide In Unit Mount with Springs

Stainless Steel Wingnut Assebly

Standard 5/8″ Replacement Wing Nut

Standard 5/8″ X 5″ Eyebolt

Standard Galvanized Recessed Washer

Steel Lower Mount

Steel Mounting Brackets W/O Springs

Steel Mounting Brackets with Springs

Steel Upper Mount

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