Oil Catch Mufflers

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Part Name

1 1/2″ NPT Masport Horizontal Muffler

2″ NPT Muffler Assembly Aluminum (Slide In)

2″ NPT Muffler Assembly Aluminum (Slide In)

3″ NPT Frame Mounted Muffler

3″ NPT Upright

3″ Upright Muffler

3″ Upright Muffler assembly (Painted)

3″ X 180¡ Exhaust Elbow Flange

3″ X 90¡ Exhaust Elbow Flange

4″ Chrome Turnout

4″ Hose Barb/Flange Elbow Assembly

4″ NPT Upright Muffler

4″ Upright Muffler

Masport 3″ Vertical Muffler W/ Filter

Masport Horizontal 3″ NPT with Demister Pad

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