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Part Name

(Blue) Ball Shut Off

(Blue) Bottom Bowl

(Blue) Drain Vave

(Blue) O-Ring

1 1/2″ NPT Masport Secondary

1 1/2″ NPT Secondary Horizonral

10 Gallon 3″ NPT Secondary Chandler

10 Gallon NOT Secondary Mounted

10 Gallon Secondary 3″ NPT

12 Gallon Secondary 3″ NPT

12 Gallon Secondary 4″ NPT

2″ NPT Poly Secondary Assembly (Green)

3″ Horizontal Secondary

3″ NPT Final Filter

3″ NPT Masport Secondary

4″ Horizontal Secondary

4″ NPT Final Filter

5 Gallon Secondary 3″ NPT

Blue Poly Secondary Assembly

Masport 3″ Secondary

O-Ring (Blue) Ball Seat

O-Ring Gasket for Poly Secondary (for Green Secondary)

Poly Secondary Bottom Bowl W/O Gasket (Green)

Shut off Valve for Green Secondary

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