Sight Glasses and Level Indicators

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1″ Clear Sight Tube Hose (Per Ft)

2″ Clear Sight Tube Hose (Per Ft)

2″ Glass Only and O-Ring (Slide In)

2″ Sight Glass Assembly

3″ Sight Glass Assembly

4 7/8″ Sight Glass “Old Style” Smooth

5″ Hand Wheel

5″ Presso Plate

5″ Sight Glass 4 3/4″ OD

5″ Sight Glass Assembly

5″ Sight Glass Assembly (Alum)

Eye Bolt ( Old Style)

Float Level Indicator NVE #A319


Presso Plate

Red Trun Wheel for 5″ Sight Glass

See Level Indicator * Aluminum Tank

See Level Indicator * Steel Tank

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