NVE607 Vacuum Pump Fan Cooled with Filter Clockwise

Item Number: #121624

Brand: 69

Model: NVE607

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¥ Lifetime warranty on the housing against cracking

¥ The NVE bi-rotational four port oil pump is exclusive to our Òoil

management systemÓ delivering the precise amount of oil

required for any job. Easily adjustable to 5-24 ounces per hour.

¥ Rugged braided stainless steel oil delivery lines

¥ Integral vacuum relief valve

¥ Vane flush port with valve

¥ Vane wear inspection port

¥ Proven crash protection allowing all major components to survive

a catastrophic failure

¥ Remote mount 5 quart see through oil tank for constant oil

level monitoring

¥ Integral easily accessible final filter

¥ Thermometer to monitor exhaust temperature

¥ Multiple drive options (gearbox belt hydraulic and direct)

¥ Two year warranty against manufacturer defect

¥ Designed built and supported in the USA

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