Masport HXL3V With Honda 9.9 H.P. Gas Engine Pack

Item Number: #121331

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Model: HXL3

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_ Achieve minimum 27″ Hg (Intermittent)

_ Precise machining and assembly

_ Heavy duty bearings

_ Viton oil seals for longer service life

_ Kevlar vanes are heat stablilized and

machined with exacting tolerances for

superior ruggedness and durability

_ Superior pump life

_ Mechanical oil pump with automatic

oiling that delivers the right amount of

oil at all working levels Ð no adjustment


_ Durable translucent high temperature

oil lines Ð allows visible flow of oil to the


_ End Thrust Protection prevents rotor

to-endcover contact created by direct

PTO drive or misaligned belt driven


_ 1_” NPT bolt-on valve flanges for ease

of installation

_ _” NPT vane flush port


Double end shaft accommodates

clockwise or counter-clockwise drive



Integral valve allows the pump to

operate in vacuum and pressure mode

and reduces plumbing and installation


_ Easy to service

_ One year performance warranty

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