Vacuum Tanks

Calumet vacuum tanks feature 1/4″ steel construction, optional vacuum pump (from 177-353 CFM), power take-off, tandem walking beams, central grease banks, adjustable undercarriage, swivel hitch, 4″ or 6″ side fill, 20″ top hatch, 6″ cast iron discharge valve and more.

Additional details:

  • Premium exterior finish tank
    • Sandblasted, coated with high solids epoxy primer and followed by a high solids urethane finish coat for superior adhesion and longevity
  • 6″ cast iron discharge valve and hydraulic cylinder with stainless steel valve plate assembly
  • Adjustable undercarriage
  • 55/45 offset spindles
  • Central grease banks
  • Rear-injection brackets
  • Full-length skids for even support and distribution of heavy loads
    • Continuous weld over entire length of skid for maximum strength between tank and frame
  • High-flotation tires and walking tandem axles for reduced soil compaction

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